🚨 We are at Elfcon 3 🚨

🧝‍♀️What a busy few days we have had at The Company. Poor Jingle is surviving on copious cups of cocoa and peppermint sticks! 🧝‍♀️

🎅🏻📮The printer presses are now at full speed, and are running 24 hours a day. The elves are working double shifts, whilst Santa is constantly updating his Nice List. 🎅🏻📮

🦌🥕We have just 10 days left until the presses stop, and the elves begin the important task of loading The Sleigh GTi with the many thousands of gifts. And don’t get me started on the reindeer and their carrots! 🦌🥕

Is there a special someone in your life, who deserves a magical letter from Santa? If so, let us send some Christmas sparkle, with love from the North Pole.


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