✨Wow! ✨

What a busy few days we have had at The Company.

📤✉️Our letters have been sent all over the world, from Australia, to Texas, Germany, and everywhere in between. 📤✉️

🦌⭐️The reindeer have had an ‘elftastic’ time soaring high above the starry skies, taking in the Christmas lights from below. 🦌⭐️

☕️We are now going into our busiest week of the year! Our printing presses are running at top speed, and our friends at NorthStar-Bucks are now open 24 hours. ☕️

🎅🥧Santa has stepped up his workout schedule, and is now up to 89 mince pies for minute (MPM)! His target is 105 MPM.🎅🥧

It’s all go, go, go!


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