❄️🌨It’s been a frosty. snow covered morning here at The North Pole. Jingle is already on her 15th cup of NorthStar-bucks! ❄️🌨

🦌🎅🧝‍♂️The reindeer have had a restful morning, conserving their energy for another Reindeer Mail run later this evening. Orders are coming in as thick and fast as the snowfall, and every Workshop is fully ‘elfed.🦌🎅🧝‍♂️

📨🎉As we have so much demand this year, Santa has extended our final order date to Sunday,16th December. He hopes this extra couple of days, will be help the frazzled looking parents, grandparents, and carers to send their Santa letters to the special people in their lives. 📨🎉

Why not join them, and check if your little one has made Santa’s Nice List.